Ikelite Silicone Lubriant, 2cc reclosable

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Silikone fedt, 2ml i genluk tube Expand

Silicone lubricant compatible with all Ikelite o-rings in a convenient resealable tube.

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39,20 kr Recc. Retail: 48,39 kr

Please don't use any other kinds of silicone lubricants to Ikelite o-rings - some additives may damage the products and may course that your camera housing gets leaky.

What's Included
Silicone lubricant 2 cc resealable tube

Ikelite manufactures underwater housings for both basic compact cameras as well as more advanced SLR and camcorders.

Ikelite is famous for designing and manufacturing the best underwater strobes on the market and a wide range of special accessories for underwater photography.