Getting ready to take your Olympus micro four-thirds camera underwater? Great idea! Olympus cameras are compact, fast, and are capable of fantastic image quality.

There are a variety of options from ready-made Olympus brand OEM housings to expensive aluminum boxes. 

Don't be fooled by our prices. Ikelite offer more features for your Olympus micro four-thirds camera than any other manufacturer - especially Olympus. Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading to a housing designed by an experienced underwater photography manufacturer.

#8 Size and Weight
Ikelite housings are noticeably more compact and streamlined than the Olympus brand alternatives, and much lighter than aluminum. That's not only easier for packing. It also reduces drag and arm fatigue underwater.

#7 TTL Strobe Exposure
Correct strobe exposure is essential to great underwater photography. We are the only manufacturer to offer true Olympus TTL communication with external strobes. And it's already built into the housing. True TTL communication is faster, more accurate, and more reliable than fiber optic - especially when shooting dual strobes.

#6 Lens Ports
Ikelite support a huge variety of micro four-thirds lenses with the most affordable lens ports on the market. The Olympus brand housing requires expensive third party accessory ports to accommodate popular wide angle and fisheye lenses.

# 5 Build Quality
Ikelite use metal controls and thicker ABS-PC blend plastics. Ikelite housings are individually inspected and water pressure tested to 60m (200 ft). 

# 4 Ergonomic Shutter
A push lever for the shutter makes sense when you're shooting with a housing by itself with no external accessories. If you add a tray and handles, strobes, etc., then you're going to want to extend the shutter lever to the handle for the most comfortable access.

Our shutter levers can be configured to be comfortable either when holding the side of the housing or when holding a handle using the Shutter Trigger Extension.

# 3 Clear View of the Camera
The entire back of the housing is clear to provide a view of the camera and o-ring seal. You don't have to guess whether your housing is properly sealed - you can see it clearly for yourself.

# 2 Vacuum System Option
Want added assurance that your camera is safe? We don't blame you. A spare accessory port is provided standard for the attachment of an optional vacuum test system. Draw a vacuum to simulate pressure on your housing and check for leaks before entering the water.

# 1 Service
We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date website in the industry, full of product information and tips. Need more? Our service staff is friendly and most importantly available. We're always here for you by phone, email, and social media, and we have a reputation for the best customer service in underwater photography.