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  • Lens Holder 67mm

    The easiest way to stow your wide angle or macro lens when not in use. Allows for the attachment of 67 mm threaded lens to an Ikelite Ball Arm Extension Mark II.

    504,00 kr
  • Wide-Angle Lens, 67mm W-30 .59x

    The biggest obstacle to good underwater photography is, oddly, the water. Water absorbs light and steals the color and clarity from your photo. Use a wide angle lens to get closer to your subject and get some of that water out of your underwater photos.

    3 678,40 kr
  • Wide-Angle Conversion Dome WD3

    The WD-3 Wide Angle Dome provides a wider angle of coverage underwater without the distorted edges or vignetting (dark shadows in the corners of the image) that are typically present when using a standard wide angle wet lens. At less than 168 g, the WD-3 is also substantially lighter weight than the average wet lens and easier to use. The resulting image...

    2 323,20 kr
  • Wide-Angle Conversion Dome WD-4

    The WD-4 Wide Angle Conversion Dome provides all of the benefits of a dome port underwater without the limitations.  

    2 323,20 kr