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Stream Pro er en god fridykkerfinne med middelhård blad af kvalitetsplast. Behagelig fodlomme.

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636,00 kr

Med Scubapro Apnea Stream Pro Fin kan fridykkeren lave en hurtig nedstigning med minimal anstrengelser. Ribbet design få vandet til at strømme langs hele finnens længde, så at vandtrykket dirigeres direkte bag dykkeren for maksimal effekt uden, at vandtrykket gå til "spil" over bladets sider.

Scuba Pro Apnea Stream er en effektiv finne til apnea dykning og spearfishing . Den giver effektiv fremdrift, og er samtidig komfortabel – en god entry level finne.

SCUBAPRO first appeared in the scuba diving world in the early 1960's.  It was guided by two men, Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin.  They brought to the market many innovations for diving that are still being used today.  The 1964 catalog featured everything the diver could want, including regulators, recompression chambers, and submarines.  In 1965 the first version of the Jet fin first appeared.  After 40 years the fin is still popular with technical and military divers worldwide and is one of the most copied scuba products ever sold.  In 1966 the catalog also added the Automatic Decompression meter, a forerunner to the modern dive computer. Back mount BC's, weight integrated systems, the Classic style STAB jacket, and other innovations continued to be introduced throughout the years.

UWATEC was founded in 1983 in Hallwil, in the heart of Switzerland. In 1987 they introduced their first dive computer, the Aladin PRO. It was quickly established as the standard in the industry. By the early 1990s, UWATEC was synonymous for diving computers.  Joining Johnson Outdoors and SCUBAPRO in 1997, UWATEC continues to be a leading innovator in the industry.

Today, SCUBAPRO remains a premier manufacturer of scuba diving equipment and employs over 400 people in 17 locations spread over 13 countries, covering 4 continents. At least 1 in every 2 employees is a diver and in several countries over 80% are divers, and over a third are instructors. SCUBAPRO is a Johnson Outdoors Inc. company.